Dona al Polini

Lunedì, 28 Settembre 2015
E' stato detto che "la bellezza salverà il Mondo" (F. Dostoevskij).
Il Conservatorio di Padova sostiene e diffonde la bellezza.
Con una donazione al Conservatorio tu puoi fare la differenza!
Sostieni il Conservatorio, il tuo contributo è prezioso!
Per aiutarci nella raccolta fondi di acquisto nuovi strumenti:
IBAN IT75 U062 2512 1861 0000 0301 396
Every donation at every level counts and makes a difference. You can be sure that your gift will be received with gratitude and used responsibly.
Together, we can ensure the highest standards of education, attract the best faculty and students, offer superb training for the stars of tomorrow, draw patrons to our first-class performance venues, and continue to uncover the breadth and depth of the connection between music and the mind and how it can benefit people of all ages.
There are so many ways you can help The Pollini Conservatory continue to achieve its mission to develop human potential through music and the arts. You can browse through ways to give to find out about the different options available for supporting The Conservatory.
For generations, The  Pollini Conservatory’s work has brought the joy and benefits of music and the arts to people of all ages and backgrounds.
With your help, we will be able to enhance our programs and expand our reach to enrich the lives of more individuals than ever before.
With numerous ways to give and a broad range of programs and priorities available to support, you can make a personal and meaningful donation to The Pollini Conservatory. Your gift in any amount will make a difference.
Make an investment in The Pollini Conservatory today and help strengthen Italy’s culture of creativity.
Gifts can be made using cash or wire transfer: IBAN IT75 U062 2512 1861 0000 0301 396