If you are a non-EU student residing abroad, please follow these steps.

Pre-enrol to Universitaly (www.universitaly.it)  : click on "international students", then on "pre-enrol now". Follow the instructions you find on the website (you have to register and log in). Remember to choose “CONSERVATORIO DI MUSICA CESARE POLLINI – PADOVA”. Pre-enrolment on Universitaly is essential to start the visa application. Once validated by the Conservatory of Padua, the application is forwarded to the Italian diplomatic-consular representation in your country.

The diplomatic-consular representation will issue an entry visa for STUDY ("University enrolment"). This visa can only be issued for enrolment in the first year of undergraduate or graduate degree courses.

If the entrance exam should take place before you obtain your national qualification for university access, you will need to apply for a 90-day Uniform Schengen Visa; once you have passed the admission test, you may need to return to your country and obtain the study visa mentioned above.

Within eight days of your arrival in Italy (with the student visa), you will have to apply for a "residency permit for study" at the police headquarters of the city where you will be staying. Please be patient, this procedure is complicated.

On the day of the admission exam, you must present yourself at the Conservatory of Music with all the documents (passport, visa, residence permit or document certifying the request for it). Please arrive one hour before the time scheduled.
An Italian language certification may be required, or you may be requested to take an Italian language test.

If you have passed all the tests and there is a study place for you, you will be able to enrol. To enrol, you will have to deliver to the administration office of the music conservatory all the documents you presented to the Italian representation of your country. Especially remember these two:
- pre-enrolment form you presented at the embassy;
- your original study diploma, that must be translated, legalized and with the certificate of equivalence of qualification (in Italian: dichiarazione di valore).

For fees, taxes and any further information please contact us:

Prof. Stefano Patarino
Erasmus & IR coordinator
mobile phone: +393332125915